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01  Donate

Your financial contribution is an investment that can change the life of an abused or neglected child.

02  Volunteer

One person can make a difference! Volunteers help ensure that every child can thrive in the safe embrace of a loving home.

03  Help in other ways

Don’t have time to volunteer? You can still be a key part of the solution. Connect with us and learn how you can help.

Getting Involved

“I spend my days in meetings and boardrooms. Being a CASA is a way to get out of the common business space and get involved in the community.”

Tonja B. | Grow Grand Island Chair

Touches Your Heart

“When you first read a case, it touches your heart. But then you meet the kids and it touches your heart even more.”

Debbie M.

Giving Them a Voice

“You should become a CASA because it gives one a better understanding of how all the pieces of the ‘system’ work together. You get to witness everyone within the case growing. You are empowering individuals, especially the kids, to take control of their life and make choices. In situations where they might feel powerless, you are giving them a voice in their own lives.”

Terry W.

Give Hope and Understanding

“My goal in this CASA journey has been to give hope and understanding… I cannot stress enough how very crucial it is to just be kind and non-judgmental. No matter how bad we think a parent is, they are still a human being and we don’t know what their journey has been like.”

Felicia B.

Our Projects

Keep up on our latest projects in the community with our Cases for CASA kids program!

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