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     Volunteer of The Quarter

Felicia Baxter

Felicia Baxter has been a CASA Volunteer for Heartland CASA for a little over 1 year. Felicia chose to become a CASA Volunteer because she was looking for a volunteer opportunity and she loves working with children. She said that she found information on line about CASA so after reading about it, she thought becoming a CASA would be the perfect volunteer experience for her. Felicia said that one of the most rewarding aspects of being a CASA Volunteer is not only being able to advocate for the children involved with her cases but also being a support to the foster families involved.

   In her spare time, she enjoys catching up with family and friends via Facebook, going on motorcycle rides, kayaking, and walking. Felicia has been married to her husband Steve since 2007, the same year that they moved from Pennsylvania to Nebraska. They have 4 children between the 2 of them, 4 grandchildren, and 1 on the way. They also have an athletic and affectionate German Short-Haired Pointer dog named Cody.

When she was asked to share some words of wisdom she responded by saying that being a CASA Volunteer is a very rewarding experience and she encourages others to do it. She also added that she feels that it is important to keep an open-mind, and be non-judgmental when working with all parties involved in the case.


Congratulations Felicia on being selected as Volunteer of the Quarter!



What Could You Do In 10 Months?

In 10 months: 
  • A baby is conceived, developed, and born 
  • An infant has learned to sit up, crawl, and begin to pull themselves up
  • A child finishes an entire grade of school 
What could you do in 10 months?    In 2014, a child with a Heartland CASA volunteer spent an average of 10 months less in foster care than a child without a CASA volunteer.  That is 10 months sooner their lives were back to normal. 10 months sooner that they were able to call someplace safe home, permanently. 

Help us give children of abuse and neglect 10 months more of being a child by becoming a volunteer or making a donation today.  

Contact us at: 308-385-5125 /  506 West 3rd Street/  Grand Island, NE 68801

To Report Child Abuse or Neglect  call CPS Hotline at  1-800-652-1999.

A child's voice.
A child's life.
Lifted up.
By you.